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Houston Bcycle is priced for quick rides.
 After joining, you can take an unlimited number of rides during your membership period and there is no additional charge for rides less than 60 minutes.

DO NOT KEEP THE BIKE OVERNIGHT!!!!  Usage FEES begin for all rides over 60 minutes! See chart below

Think of the usage fees as similar to keeping a DVD for an extra day. There's a fee, right? Same with bike-sharing: Keep the bike longer than 60 minutes if you wish, but there's a nominal charge.

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B-cycle Rates



Only Annual Members will receive a special B-card that lets them check out bikes right from the bike's dock. This saves you money and gets you around faster!

  • Only 24-hour passes and members can check out bikes.
  • 24-hour passes can be purchased at any B-station or online.
  • 7 Day members and 24 Access users will use their credit cards for continued access.

Bcycle Replacement Fees

Bcycle Card Replacement  $5
Bcycle Bike Replacement  $1200
Bcycle Key Replacement  $10

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