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Safety precautions and rules of the road.

Can I ride my bike on the sidewalk? It is acceptable to ride on the sidewalk, under certain conditions, except in a business area.

"Travel on the right." When you are riding with traffic flow to ensure that this safe as much as possible right away. Riding against the flow of traffic is incredibly dangerous. This is a criminal offense and the highest number of collisions between cars and bicycles.

Pedestrians have the right of way, and you should always announce their presence if you are passing through a pedestrian or another cyclist.

Always pass on the left. Announce "on your left!" and proceed to ride ahead of the other cyclist or pedestrian.

Use hand signals to show the change of direction. With these signs always look over his shoulder and given sufficient time to safely change lanes or across the street on time.

Traffic lights and stop signs apply to you the cyclist- as much as the car next to you.

Safety First: Be predictable, visible, courteous and alert!   Use a helmet. Children under 17 must wear a helmet. We strongly recommend that all wear a helmet that fits properly advise. Even a small fall or accident can cause serious head injuries.

How far right, it is right? There are two things to pay attention when you are riding on the right.The first, "The Curb" and the second, gutters.Curbs and gutters may be important obstacles that can significantly limit the choices to escape from a dangerous situation. Gutters can catch your tires and curbs can pick your pedal, causing an accident.

Do not get doored. When driving on a bicycle, or just ride on the right side of the road is full of parked cars, you should always keep in mind that a door can be opened anytime channel. Use lights, brightly colored clothing, reflective clothing, and even cycling bright colored (e.g. red?)! This allows other cyclists, pedestrians and vehicles to see where you are.  

* If you notice that there is something wrong with a bike, turn the seat back so that other users do not know to check out and the technician can easily recognize the bike.

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