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Houston BCycle is priced for quick rides. Walk-up to any station kiosk and pay $3 per 30 minutes or purchase a membership
 online and take unlimited trips during your membership period and there is no additional charge for rides less than 60 minutes.

DO NOT KEEP THE BIKE OVERNIGHT!!!!  Usage FEES begin for all walk-up user rides over 30 minutes and member trips over 60 minutes! See chart below

Join BCycle




Only Annual members will receive a special B-card that lets them check out bikes right from the bike's dock. This saves you money and gets you around faster!

  • Walk-Up users can swipe their credit card at the kiosk to check out a bike for $3 per 30 minutes
  • Walk-Up user trips longer than 30 minutes will incur a usage fee of $3 for each additional 30 minutes
  • Monthly and Annual Memberships can be purchased online or on the BCycle mobile app
  • Monthly and Annual Members will be charged a usage fee for trips longer than 60 minutes

BCycle Replacement Fees

BCycle Card Replacement  $5
BCycle Bike Replacement  $1200
BCycle Key Replacement  $10

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