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  • Houston BCycle Keeps Growing!

    by Christin Dietze | Jun 30,2017

    We're halfway through 2017 and it’s been the busiest year yet for Houston BCycle! This month alone, we installed five new stations at Emancipation Park, Jury Assembly, Moody Park, Baldwin Park and Navigation Esplanade. With these five new stations also came new bikes, making our current count 330 bikes at 43 stations across Houston. So far in 2017 Houston BCycle riders have completed 77,183 trips, a 40% increase in trips over the same time period last year! We’ve also seen a big boost in users, with a 52% increase over 2016.

    Jury Assembly BCycle StationRibbon Cutting Ceremony for Jury Assembly BCycle Station

    Navigation Esplanade BCycle StationNavigation Esplanade BCycle Station Installed on June 29th, 2017

    Before the five stations installed this June, we added stations at Crawford Island, Lost Lake, Woodland Park, Guadalupe Plaza Park and Main & Wichita. We are now 10 stations into our expansion, and will eventually complete all 71 new stations and 600+ bikes, tripling the size of our bike share network. This growth comes after The City’s Planning and Development Department sponsored an Houston-Galveston Area Council grant from the Federal Highway Administration, covering $3.5 million of the cost of expanding the system. Houston Bike Share, the local nonprofit that operates the Houston BCycle program, is responsible for a 20% match on all expansion costs and have been fortunate to work with several great local funding partners for the match on new stations. These partners include Commissioner Rodney Ellis, Council Member Karla Cisneros, Houston First, Midtown Management District, Friends of Woodland Park, Downtown District, and Texas Medical Center. 

    Crawford Island BCycle StationCrawford Island BCycle Station Installed on January 23rd, 2017

    Lost Lake BCycle Station
    Lost Lake Luau Celebration for Lost Lake, Guadalupe Plaza Park, Woodland Park and Main & Wichita BCycle Stations

    Next month, we’ll continue to grow with stations going in at the Health Museum, Washington & TC Jester and Gateway on Cullen. In August, we anticipate the installation of 8 stations on the Rice University Campus as well as stations at Hermann Park’s McGovern Centennial Gardens and HCC Central Campus.

    June 30th Houston BCycle MapHouston BCycle Station Map as of June 30th, 2017

    As we continue to grow the program, we want to hear from YOU, our riders! Please share your ideas and feedback with us at and let us know of potential station locations that would improve our network and your experience.


  • New BCycle Stations at Jury Assembly and Emancipation Park

    by Christin Dietze | Jun 12,2017


    Houston Bike Share and Commissioner Rodney Ellis Host Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies to Celebrate New Houston BCycle Stations

    HOUSTON — On June 19th, 2017, Houston Bike Share, Commissioner Rodney Ellis and Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee are hosting a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Jury Assembly Houston BCycle station at 10:00am, followed by a second ribbon cutting at Emancipation Park at 11:50am, as part of the Juneteenth Celebration! Commissioner Ellis will be recognized for funding both of these new stations.

    “I am pleased to help establish these two new bike-share stations, including one that will serve the historic Emancipation Park community in the Third Ward. In this ever-expanding region, it is important to encourage cycling for recreation and transportation, particularly in underserved areas.” – Commissioner Rodney Ellis

    Located at 1202 Franklin Street, the new Jury Assembly BCycle station will provide easy access to all four courthouses surrounding the Harris County Jury Assembly area. This 21-dock station will be the 15th BCycle station in Downtown Houston.

    Since 1872, Emancipation Park has served as a community meeting place for residents of the Third Ward and all African-Americans in Houston. For the last decade, efforts to revitalize the park have been in the works and it is now re-opening as a modern community center with several new amenities, including a playground, performance hall, improved swimming center and a Houston BCycle station.

    About the Expansion

    The City of Houston’s Planning & Development Department sponsored an application for a grant from the Federal Highway Administration to fund the expansion of Houston BCycle.  This funding will more than triple in size the operation over the next two years, adding 71 stations with 568 new bikes.  The grant will reimburse the City for $3.5 million of the cost of expanding the system.  Houston Bike Share will provide the $880,000 in local match funding.  The Planning & Development Department and Houston Bike Share are jointly responsible for the implementation of the expansion.

    For interview access and additional information surrounding the June 19th ribbon-cutting events, new stations and Houston BCycle, please contact Christin Dietze at (361) 935-7601. For images and assets, please visit our Digital Press Kit.

  • Tour Buffalo Bayou on a BCycle

    by Christin Dietze | May 17,2017

    Four of Houston BCycle's busiest stations surround Buffalo Bayou Park, the 160-acre green space with hike and bike trails in the shadows of the Houston skyline. With several public art pieces, beautiful native wildflowers, and waterfront bike trails, Buffalo Bayou Park is a wonderful space to explore on two wheels. Check out a BCycle from Sabine Bridge, Lost Lake, Jackson Hill or Spotts Park and enjoy a 5 mile loop around the Shepherd to Sabine stretch of Buffalo Bayou. You can even take a DIY Bike Tour now that Buffalo Bayou Partnership has rolled out a free mobile app with a guide to the park and audio tours along the way. 

    18238566_1458770920864925_3732403405396930143_o ExploreBuffaloBayou
    BBP Bike Map

    In a partnership with Houston Public Media, BBP's audio tours provide information on the park as well as Houston history and fun facts at several stops along the bayou. In less than an hour you can cover all the stops along the way, or if you'd like to break your trip up, just dock your BCycle at the brand new Lost Lake station and grab a snack or drink at The Kitchen at The Dunlavy

    BBP App copy

    Things you will see along the way:


    The Gus S. Wortham Memorial Fountain, created in 1978, is the work of Houston architect and long-time Rice University professor William T. Cannady. Inspired by a similar fountain in Australia, it consists of a central bronze shaft sprouting multiple bronze sprinkler pipes coated in lacquer which create a dandelion-like spherical spray of water. (Source


    The Houston Police Officer Memorial is a public recognition of the sacrifices made by police officers as they carry out their duties and, in particular, those who have died in the line of duty. It is the location for an annual procession and wreath-laying ceremony honoring them. It is laid out in the form of a 120’ by 120’ Greek cross with a stepped pyramid in the middle. A reflecting pool is surrounded by pink granite slabs incised with the names of over one hundred fallen police officers. (Source

    “The Waugh Bridge Bat Colony” consists of 250,000 Mexican free-tailed bats that emerge nightly to stretch their wings and feed on area insects. Unlike other Texas bat colonies that opt for warmer climates by migrating southward during winter months, The Waugh Bridge Bat Colony remains in Houston throughout the year. This is the second largest bat colony in Texas, behind Austin's Congress Avenue Bridge Colony. (Source


    Created by internationally-renowned Spanish sculptorJaume Plensa, “Tolerance” is a grouping of sculptures sited in Buffalo Bayou Park at the intersection of Allen Parkway and Montrose Boulevard. The seven human figures represent the seven continents, and are made of silvery aluminum. Their framework consists of alphabetic symbols from languages around the world, reflecting the artist’s belief that, whatever culture we live in and whichever language we think in, our lives are similar. At night, the sculptures are lit from within. They rest on rough-cut granite pedestals that were brought in from the artist's home country, Spain. (Source


    Jackson Hill Pedestrian Bridge connects the Jackson Hill BCycle Station with Buffalo Bayou Park

    On top of these you'll pass by Eleanor Tinsley Garden, Tapley Tributary and Lost Lake on the Shepherd to Sabine stretch of Buffalo Bayou Park. Venture further east into downtown and discover more along the bike paths that run all the way to Allen's Landing, the original port of Houston. In the next several years, Buffalo Bayou Partnership will add even more hike and bike trails, connecting all the way to the Port of Houston Turning Basin. This will create 20 miles of connected bike paths for cyclists to enjoy, and we'll be installing more BCycle stations along the way.

  • Lost Lake Luau Ribbon Cutting and Celebration

    by Christin Dietze | May 08,2017

    HOUSTON — On May 10th, 2017, at 6:30 p.m., Houston Bike Share will celebrate four new Houston BCycle stations with a ribbon cutting at the new Lost Lake Station at Dunlavy and Allen Parkway with Council Member Karla Cisneros, City of Houston's Planning & Development Department, and Friends of Woodland Park. Following the ribbon cutting, a poolside luau reception will be held at The Villas at River Oaks apartment complex, juts steps away from the Lost Lake station. The four new BCycle stations are located at Guadalupe Plaza Park, Woodland Park, Main & Wichita and Lost Lake. This celebration comes just as the Houston BCycle program reaches its 5th birthday. BCycle first came to Houston in May 2012 and has grown to a network of 38 stations with 300 bikes available for short-term rentals. In 2016, 113,252 trips were taken on Houston BCycles. So far in 2017, 53,822 trips have been taken on Houston BCycle, a 33% increase over last year.

    Houston BCycle Luau

    These four new stations come at the start of a major expansion of the Houston BCycle network, funded by a Federal Highway Administration grant, sponsored by the City’s Planning and Development Department. Houston Bike Share is responsible for $880,000 in local match funding. The new Main & Wichita station match funding was provided by the Texas Medical Center, Guadalupe Plaza Park was funded by Council Member Karla Cisneros, Woodland Park funding came from The Friends of Woodland Park, and after a tremendous amount of bike share use around Buffalo Bayou Park, Houston Bike Share is providing the funding for the new 22 dock Lost Lake Station, offering more bikes with access to the park.

    Carter Stern, executive director of Houston Bike Share, commented on the expansion, “This is the first big chunk of stations we’re adding as part of our expansion and our plan is to add four to six new stations each month through end of year. We are especially thankful for the funding provided by Texas Medical Center, Council Member Cisneros and Friends of Woodland Park, and appreciate the critical support from the City Planning and Development Department with the implementation our plans. Houston Bike Share is excited to bring BCycle to more neighborhoods in Houston and to continue to grow our network and our ridership.”

    Join Houston BCycle for the Lost Lake Luau ribbon cutting and celebration May 10th at 6:30pm! More event information here.


    Lost Lake Luau Map

  • Rider Profile: Rosa Guerrero

    by Christin Dietze | Apr 27,2017

    Houston BCycle serves a lot of different purposes for a lot of different people. Some riders just happen upon a station and decide a bike ride could be fun, others use our bikes every day for their commute to work. This month we met a rider who learned how to ride a bike using Houston BCycle and now she's riding from Houston to Austin in her first BP MS150!

    Meet Rosa

    Rosa Guerrero

    Up until last summer, Rosa didn't know how to ride a bike. When a friend convinced her to ride caboose on a tandem bike in a social ride, she got a feel for the sense of freedom that cycling provides and her world was changed.  Without a bike of her own, Rosa started renting BCycles to learn how to ride and get comfortable being on a bike. Standing at only 4'11", Rosa always drops the BCycle seat down as low as it can go before taking off on her usual route that starts at the Market Square Park station and follows the bike trails around Buffalo Bayou Park. In the last year, she's met several other cyclists who have contributed to her love for the hobby. Between participating in social rides and making kind new friends who helped her eventually find a bike of her own, she has completely fallen for Houston's cycling community.

    Rosa Guerrero Profile

    When asked how Houston BCycle helped her, Rosa responded, "Being in recovery from alcohol for over 3 years, I always need to set goals and focus on achieving them. That's the only way I can stay on this journey, and riding bikes has brought me so much joy. I decided to attempt my first MS150 because it is so out of my comfort zone and supports such an incredible cause." She will be riding with the Karbach cycling team on her new Jamis road bike. 


    To donate to Rosa's MS150 fundraising page, click here

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