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Houston BCycle Keeps Growing!

by Christin Dietze | Jun 30, 2017

We're halfway through 2017 and it’s been the busiest year yet for Houston BCycle! This month alone, we installed five new stations at Emancipation Park, Jury Assembly, Moody Park, Baldwin Park and Navigation Esplanade. With these five new stations also came new bikes, making our current count 330 bikes at 43 stations across Houston. So far in 2017 Houston BCycle riders have completed 77,183 trips, a 40% increase in trips over the same time period last year! We’ve also seen a big boost in users, with a 52% increase over 2016.

Jury Assembly BCycle StationRibbon Cutting Ceremony for Jury Assembly BCycle Station

Navigation Esplanade BCycle StationNavigation Esplanade BCycle Station Installed on June 29th, 2017

Before the five stations installed this June, we added stations at Crawford Island, Lost Lake, Woodland Park, Guadalupe Plaza Park and Main & Wichita. We are now 10 stations into our expansion, and will eventually complete all 71 new stations and 600+ bikes, tripling the size of our bike share network. This growth comes after The City’s Planning and Development Department sponsored an Houston-Galveston Area Council grant from the Federal Highway Administration, covering $3.5 million of the cost of expanding the system. Houston Bike Share, the local nonprofit that operates the Houston BCycle program, is responsible for a 20% match on all expansion costs and have been fortunate to work with several great local funding partners for the match on new stations. These partners include Commissioner Rodney Ellis, Council Member Karla Cisneros, Houston First, Midtown Management District, Friends of Woodland Park, Downtown District, and Texas Medical Center. 

Crawford Island BCycle StationCrawford Island BCycle Station Installed on January 23rd, 2017

Lost Lake BCycle Station
Lost Lake Luau Celebration for Lost Lake, Guadalupe Plaza Park, Woodland Park and Main & Wichita BCycle Stations

Next month, we’ll continue to grow with stations going in at the Health Museum, Washington & TC Jester and Gateway on Cullen. In August, we anticipate the installation of 8 stations on the Rice University Campus as well as stations at Hermann Park’s McGovern Centennial Gardens and HCC Central Campus.

June 30th Houston BCycle MapHouston BCycle Station Map as of June 30th, 2017

As we continue to grow the program, we want to hear from YOU, our riders! Please share your ideas and feedback with us at and let us know of potential station locations that would improve our network and your experience.


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