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Houston BCycle

Who is Houston BCycle?

Houston BCycle is a bike share program in Houston, Texas that is operated by Houston Bike Share; a 501 (C) (3) nonprofit whose mission is “To implement, operate and expand a bike-sharing program supported by the community that offers residents, commuters and visitors a choice of ecological and economical transport, ideal for short trips and resulting in fewer vehicle miles traveled, less pollution and congestion, better mobility and more personal health and wellness.”


HOUSTON BIKE SHARE STAFF                          



Christin Dietze - Interim Executive Director

Christin joined the Houston Bike Share family in December 2016 as the Marketing & Communications Director and she is currently also serving as Interim ED. She is a seventh generation Texan and a graduate of Texas A&M University with a strong background in advertising, marketing and nonprofit work.

"I love showing off this wonderful city, especially by bike. BCycle has already had such a positive impact on Houston and I'm excited to help the system continue to grow its network and ridership!" - Christin

Doogie Roux - Operations Manager 

This proud Cajun-Texan is a graduate of Louisiana Tech University with a degree in Computer Information Systems and a passion for anything on wheels. Doogie a big part of the Houston cycling family, and a photographer and writer, capturing and conveying the culture, action, and fun he witnesses daily.

"My knowledge, experience, and skills are being utilized altogether in our efforts here. I have a sense of purpose and I know that I'm making a difference to better the City of Houston." -Doogie

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